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Posted by on in Cartagena
Castillo de San Felipe
Castillo de San Felipe As Colombia's tourism capital, Cartagena has remained one of the safest places in the country for decades. As such, the tourism infrastructure is far more developed, prices are higher and touts are more annoying (and more bilingual). Nonetheless, it's difficult not to be enchanted by the city that plays more like an open-air museum than somewhere people actually live. History surrounds you at every corner. Even as you nestle inside a small cafe to take a break...
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  • Josian says #
    Some good ideas here, you can also swap Islas de Rosario with a trip to Totumo Volcano. Some agencies also include a 2 hour trip t
Andres Carne de Res
Colombia’s culinary scene is rapidly growing and maturing. While basic restaurants still have to raise their game, the mid-to-top end of the scale is emerging onto the international scene with ambition and pride. With growing food scenes, of course, comes restaurants that are just as much about the experience as the food, and there’s nothing quite like the combination of eating and entertainment. Here’s our top 5 picks for unusual restaurants in Colombia: El Cielo, Medellín Shrouded in secrecy, El Cielo...
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  • Aaron Stevens says #
    Garcias Nachos is an incredibly fun and delicious Mexican restaurant located in the heart of the Zona Rosa. It has authentic Mexic
  • Kishan says #
    just came from there !!! those chics love americans but U get hodenud to much by people asking for money and trying to sell U shit
  • cerassie says #
    we dined at tramonti on valentine's night. the food was quite good and the view just as great.
Gay Pride, Bogotá
Finding the best of the LGBT-nightlife in any city can be difficult, but when the city is as big and bustling as Bogota it can get nigh on impossible. I've had many friends complain to me that, on a fleeting visit, they only end up visiting the same old places and don't get to see what the city really has to offer. But, however limited the resources might be online, the gay community in Bogotá is well catered for. From trendy...
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  • fran says #
    An article about gay life by a foreign blogger, cool, you must be the only one so far. Thanks!
  • Paul says #
    There is more here on the LGBT community in Colombia.

Posted by on in Colombian Culture
If you ask travelers what they think of the food in Colombia, you’ll most likely get a mixed response. Some claim Colombia’s cuisine is the perfect match of quantity and quality while others are put off by the lack of nuance. For sure, refined, delicate gastronomy isn’t Colombia’s strong point but natural, big and unprocessed meals are.A lot also depends on where you go. People can stay in a city like Bogotá for weeks without hitting the right restaurants in Colombia,...
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  • platanorulz says #
    If you're excluding fruits because they are all delicious, you should exclude the potatoes since they can be considered a vegetabl
  • Beardlord says #
    The food in Colombia makes one cry. The clearest indication of this is that it is usually Americans and Brits who laud it. Neith
  • Rob says #
    As a ex chef, I was amazed at what Colombians put into their street food. The first and only time I had one it had a burger, rice,

Posted by on in Bogotá and Around
Bogotá is a city bustling with culture; from the historical museums and galleries of La Candelaria to the bohemian neighborhood of La Macarena and further, in the trendy, artistic bars of Chapinero and the numerous galleries in the north of the city. Art even follows you as you travel; impressive graffiti murals, often politically-charged, dot the city and give the art lover plenty to discuss without even leaving the city’s Transmilenio. Fernando Botero's depiction of Pablo Escobar's death Discovering everything the...
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