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5 Healthy Things to Do in Bogota

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Sometimes living in the city can feel like hard work enough. Clinging on for dear life while trying to maintain your balance on the Transmilenio sure does feel like a work-out, but if you’re taking advantage of the food in Colombia and the nightlife, you’ll want to supplement that with some actual healthy living. Fortunately when you're in Bogota you’ll find plenty of options. Here’s a pick of 5:


Ciclovia, Bogota

Every Sunday the main roads in Bogota shut down for what is known as La Ciclovia. These days it’s gone beyond eco-friendly and become an institution. Bogotanos climb on their bikes, get their skates on, or just engage in a determined power walk through the city. The atmosphere is great and the route takes you past some of Bogota’s best spots, making in the perfect Sunday morning work-out.

Climb Monserrate

Until recently climbing to Monserrate, Bogota was considered unsafe unless in a group on the weekend. These days you can climb up a pre-designated tourist path without concern. It’s about an hour hike uphill and can be pretty demanded - especially considering the altitude - but once you get to the top it’ll all be worth it. Stunning, unrivalled views of the city await while you pant away in exhaustion and admiration.

Bikram yoga

Bikram yoga is one of the few yoga places set up around Bogota to cater to those budding yogis that want more than sweat and muscles. If you’re after piece of mind as well as some decent exercise, be sure to check out one of the best yoga places in the city. Located in Chapinero.

Eat sushi

Eat sushi in Bogota
Eat sushi in Bogota

Now here’s one we can all get on board with. Sushi in Bogota is delicious and can be found throughout the city. As well as Wok, which is almost everywhere, you can try Teriyaki (Zona G), Osaki (Parque 93) and Itamae (Usaquen). Tuck in.


Thinking it was big business, basically every hairdresser in town added a spa so there’s no shortage of options, but for a really relaxing day there are many excellent spas dotted around the city. The highest concentration is in the north, especially around La Septima and calle 109. If you fancy a day escaping the hectic life of the city, be sure to check out Off2Colombia’s page on spas in Bogota.

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