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Brunch in Bogotá - My top Bogotá Restaurants for a Sunday morning

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[caption id="attachment_682" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Brunch options, La Herencia, Bogota Brunch at La Herencia Entrepues, Bogota

On a Sundays, as my mind buzzes and hums from the night before. I stagger through the streets of Bogotá a mere shadow of a man. Little more than grunts can be elicited from me and decision making is, frankly, out of the question.

Sunday is also, coincidentally, the day specifically set aside by my girlfriend and I to eat out. Fortunate for me then, that in the nascent stages of our relationship we discovered some gems of restaurants for brunch that perk me up and see me through the rest of the day.

And so it is that I share with you, dear reader, my picks for the best brunch in Bogotá.

La Herencia Entrepues

In a beautiful, typical Colombian house near Zona G is La Herencia. For $35,000 per person here you'll have an all you can eat brunch that includes smoked salmon among the other treats. You'll also be treated to live jazz music as you dine, making it an unforgettable Sunday brunch experience.

La Herencia Entrepues, Cra 9 # 69a-26

Club Colombia

Club Colombia delivers all the Colombian classics, including eggs, bread, juices and coffee, as well as offering up sushi and much more. Situated in a beautiful, leafy building, it's a great place to enjoy a brunch before heading in to Zona T for some Sunday shopping.

Cra 9 # Av 82 No.9 - 11

Myriam Camhi

Myriam Camhi restaurants can be found all over the poshest haunts of north of the city, and befitting that sense of poshness is their menu of pastry treats, delicious sandwiches and delectable teas. It might not be the cheapest place in the world, but it is full of excellent options for a brunch, and some of the best baked goods in town.

Myriam Camhi main restaurant: Calle 81 # 8-08

[caption id="attachment_686" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Raush Patissier Bogota, Xona G Inside Raush Patissier Bogota, Xona G

Rausch Pâtissier

A modern, tasteful restaurant in Zona G and Quinta Camacho with an incredible selection of deserts to follow your gourmet burger (or whatever other meal you decide to have, they're all good). It's pretty new, but this is the kind of place that is opening up in Bogotá and making the city deserving of being considered one of the most exciting places in the world.

Rausch Pâtissier: Calle 70 # 6-37


Nick's is a sandwich shop with a difference, and the difference is basically that the sandwiches there are incredible. This might not sound astonishing to anyone reading outside of Colombia's borders, but those in the know will be nodding in accordance as I say: "I miss a bloody good sandwich".

So, in steps Nick with his delicious array of bready goodness, as well as pastas, salads and soups that are also some of the best I've tried in the city. All that and your bill should come in under $25,000, and you can't say fairer than that.

Nick’s II: Cra 4#69-23


Masa is found in Zona G so you might expect it to be overly expensive and formal for a hungover brunch, but  you'd be mistaken. The menu is very much what you might get in a New York deli, with the decor to match, and prices are extremely reasonable. Expect to pay no more than $17,000 for a high quality salad, while open sandwiches (recommended) come in at around $16,000.

The menu is healthy, cheap and if it's sunny you'll be able to get a tan in their attractive patio.

Masa : Calle 70 # 4-83

[caption id="attachment_675" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Wok


Why mess with the classics? Wok is a Bogotá institution and a firm favourite for Sunday lunch. There are Woks all around the city, but perhaps my favourite is found in leafy Usaquen. Wok specialises in pan-Asiatic cuisine, from Japanese sushi to Thai curries and much more. Best of all, as with all these picks, it won't burn a hole in your wallet.

Wok Usaquén: Cra 6A No. 117-02


[caption id="attachment_674" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Abasto

Another Usaquén restaurant, Abasto serves delicious pastry brunches that please even the French, and that's going some. It's a lovely little restaurant that's perfect for something light (if your stomach can't take it, for example), and a tasty coffee on the terrace.

On top of all that, they serve some incredible juices to lift your spirits and, once you've got the energy, you can enjoy a lovely walk in Usaquén.

Abastos: Cra 6 # 119b - 52
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