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Colombia's San Gil, Sports Destination Par Excellence

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All over Colombia there are options for adventure sports. From climbing in Suesca, to diving in San Andres, the country is one of the best destinations for all kinds of activities. With that in mind, being a place that's known as 'The Adventure Capital of Colombia' is no easy task. That is, however, how San Gil is known, and once you go and experience it you'll understand why.

Rafting in San Gil
San Gil Rafting

Located about 8 hours north of Bogotá in the region of Santander, San Gil is a vast sprawl of undulating hills, verdant forests, beautiful walks and opportunities to fly over Colombian landscape holding something made of less metal than a bike. Hardcore.

In San Gil you can enjoy...

Rafting in some of the fiercest rivers in South America; climbing all kinds of cliffs; paragliding across stunning landscape; hiking; rapelling; abseiling; caving; swimming; biking; kayaking; hydrospeeding; swimming; paintballing and much more. Best of all, it's all affordable for the average backpacker.

Flying through the Colombian sky
San Gil

But adventure sports in San Gil aren't the only thing the area has to offer. For those more inclined towards fearing for their demise when climbing a sheer drop on a cliff in Colombia, there's plenty on offer for you where you can keep two feet firmly on the ground. A nice stroll to Barichara and Guana is definitely on the cards for a budding traveller in San Gil. These are two villages that seem like they've been plucked from the annuls of time, untouched and entirely charming.

San Gil is an essential stop on your Colombian tour, don't miss out.
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