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Don't Come to Colombia for Drugs

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Let’s face it, as soon as you mention you are going to Colombia, you get these wry smiles synonymous with "I know why you’re going there; to have fun with the local flour".

You end up feeling a little bit like a 45 year old single German bloke who doesn't do prostitution but really wants to visit Thailand.

So let’s talk about cocaine in Colombia. The reputation of Colombia in terms of this drug is vastly exaggerated. It’s not easier to find Coke here than it is on the streets of London or Paris, even if quality and price are undoubtedly better. In fact, Colombia is no longer the number one producer in the world; this dubious title belongs now to Peru.

Pablo Escobar

Colombians generally are actually sad, bitter or ashamed about the drug which gave them such a reputation over the years. Cocaine has killed many people here. It's said that Pablo Escobar alone was indirectly responsible for the killing of 10,000 people! And if you haven’t seen Maria Full of Grace (click for more Colombian Cinema) and that you are reading this blog from the US or Europe, watch the film for an insight on the side effects of drug trafficking.

Poster for Maria Full of Grace

It is not well perceived to take drugs in Colombia and you will not feel as welcome as you should if you think you are going to fill your nostrils during your time.

Don’t come to Colombia for drugs, there is enough to dazzle you here.


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