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Escapar, a new metasearch to find your flight in Colombia

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Buying a flight ticket when travelling in Colombia is no easy feat. First you need to know which airlines fly to such or such destination (it's a seemingly non-sensical mess of routes), then you might want to check some travel agencies to see if they have some interesting deals, and then you'll have check availability and prices through the website of each one of the above, compare, decide, and then see if your card even works. Any idea how frustrating it is to go through that whole process only to find out your card isn't valid here?! Tedious, to say the least...

There are some metasearch for international flights, such as Kayak or Skyscanner but none of them do a good job on helping finding a flight for your trip in Colombia. For example, prices are not in Colombian pesos or they miss offers from some small local airlines or agencies.

So if you need to plan a trip in Colombia, check this new website called Escapar. It's a free service, and their focus is on the Colombian market. You can check in just one click all the offers and availabilities from airlines and travel agencies operating in Colombia. They have various filters to help you see flights according to prices, departure times, flight duration or arrival time. It's a great site helping save time and money.

The site is only in Spanish but it should not be too much of a problem even for the worst Spanish speakers among you as entering a destination or a date is not much different from one language to another.

[caption id="attachment_839" align="aligncenter" width="300"]" target="_blank" title="Video Escapar" rel="attachment wp-att-839">Youtube Video Escapar Youtube Video Escapar

This cuts out so much of the hassle of booking a flight here, and should become an essential tool for travellers in Colombia. Of course, your credit card still might not work, but at least the fluidity of the process leading up to that news will be so much smoooother.

Check their video above or their website and check prices with  Escapar when travelling in Colombia.

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