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Josian's Lost City Trekking Adventure

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From the Himalayas to the Brazilian jungle, I have done a fair amount of trekking in my life and there are very few places that have left me with the same feeling as the one I experienced when travelling to the Lost City of the Tayronas in Colombia (The Ciudad Perdida).

An iconic view of the Lost City

No, it’s not like discovering the ruins of Machu Picchu; no, it’s not as rough as getting deep into the Amazon jungle; and no, it’s not as physical as an Andes mountain trek. So why should you go there?

Indians in the Lost City

Because a 5/6 day trek to the Lost City is a mix of all of the above as well as some unique attractions you will only find on the slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta:  natural swimming pools to relax in as you progress into the jungle, amazing waterfalls, encounters with the indigenous people who benefit from tourism, and the possibility to wander alone among the 169 terraces of the Lost City.

A local we came across on our trek

The Lost City was the first time the Spanish came across an urbanized settlement in 1499 when they reached South America. Their thirst for the gold stuff and the richness of the Tayronas created the Legend of El Dorado and the decline of the South American native populations. One of the many history lessons you can learn if you join the 1000 privileged people who get to the Lost City every year.

Josian from

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