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Off The Beaten Track in Colombia (Like, Reeeeeeally Off It)

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The Crying Rocks
The Crying Rocks

We can talk all day about how all of Colombia is off-the-beaten track, or wax lyrical about Ciudad Perdida, Tayrona National Park and San Gil, but the truth is that some people only want really, really off-the-beaten track places. We`re talking the kind that don’t exist in your dog-eared guidebook. The kind that, no matter how much you sift through travel forums, you still won’t find information about.

Until now.

There are plenty of off-the-beaten track destinations in Colombia, but I’m settling for three just to whet your appetite.

Los Cerros Mavecure

Los Cerros Mavecure are the remains some of the oldest mountains in Latin America, and the views in the area are mind-blowingly awesome. It’s really difficult to put in perspective just how amazing this area is.

It’s called thus because, when it rains, the mountains give the appearance of them crying thanks to the water accumulation on the rocks. Pretty incredible stuff, but even if you’re not fortunate enough to see this, the views of the rivers and jungles that populate the area are enough reason to make the (rather difficult) journey to get there.

For more information on how to get there, check out Off2Colombia´s Los Cerros Mavecure page.

El Cocuy

El Cocuy (courtesy of See Colombia Travel)
El Cocuy (courtesy of See Colombia Travel)

While it`s possible to do the treks of El Cocuy alone, it’s recommended for all but experts to navigate the area with a guide - if only to take full advantage of their expertise and find yourself surrounded by some of Colombia’s most spectacular views.

Sierra Nevada Del Cocuy is a range of snow-capped peaks that are totally unique in Colombia. They offer some incredible views, and the hike is both challenging and rewarding. Highly recommended for those who relish trekking in Colombia, and want to see every face the country has to offer.

Pacific Coast

Guachalito Beach
Guachalito Beach

While it used to be popular with Colombian holiday makers, the Pacific Coast has, until recently, been more or less closed off thanks to dangerous activity in the area. Now, however, the area seems to have turned the corner and travellers are trickling back into the area.

This is great news, because not only does the area boast some incredible wildlife (including whales) and incredible beaches, it also has one of the most distinct and richest cultures in Colombia. Since it’s rarely touched by big-city influence, it maintains a distinct feel and is a pleasure to behold.

Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas
Punta Gallinas

The Off2Colombia guys were audacious enough to call this place their favourite in Colombia, and it`s not hard to see why when you see it for yourself. To get there you need to take a 2 hour boat ride, but it’s entirely worth it thanks to the stunning views of the ocean, and the almost film-like landscape.

It’s not cheap once you arrive (meals will set you back about $15,000), but it`s really a small price to pay for everything you get, including one of the best sunsets you`re ever likely to see. Any trip to La Guajira is incomplete without heading to Punta Gallinas.


Up on the Atlantic Coast, Capurgana is a hotspot for diving in Colombia and much more. It’s located way over out west, near the border of Panama, and offers the perfect respite for those of whom the sparsely populated Tayrona is just too crowded. Beautiful golden beaches, amazingly clear waters and incredible weather make this a great place to relax, unwind and recharge.

Unfortunately, getting here is quite hard (you have to go by boat from Turbo, or fly from Medellin), but then that’s what makes it off the beaten tracks, right?
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