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Top 5 Upcoming Events in Bogotá (and around) 2012

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Today (17/08/2012) Salsa Al Parque kicks off, bringing some of the world’s best salsa talent to Bogotá’s biggest park: Parque Bolivar.

Salsa Al Parque is just one of many ‘Al Parque’ events, the most famous being Rock Al Parque. It’s also just one of many events that are up and coming in the rest of 2012 in Bogotá. Bogotá is a city that hosts an incredible amount of events, and it’s wise to keep up with the calendars as much as possible since this year we’ve already seen Paul McCartney, Lionel Messi, Morrissey and MGMT grace Bogotá’s boundaries.

Here are some of the best events in Bogotá (and around) for the remainder of 2012:

Salsa Al Parque

[caption id="attachment_515" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Salsa Al Parque program Salsa Al Parque program

As mentioned, Salsa Al Parque kicks off today and, since we’re in one of salsa music’s adopted homes, you can be sure the whole weekend will be electric. Some of the big names performing include El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, La Misma Gente and Eddie Palmieri. Alongside these will local artists collected by the festival, including the Orquesta Salsa Bogotá 15 Años and Orquesta Internacional Policia de los Colombianos.

For a true bit of Colombian culture, don’t miss out. Festivities start at 2pm.

Festival de Las Cometas

Also happening this weekend is Villa de Leyva’s kite festival. This might, on the surface, sound a tad boring to the uninitiated. For those in the know, however, it’ll sound like a bank holiday weekend outside of the city, and therefore a great excuse to party. Though there are a load of kites in Villa de Leyva over this particular weekend, you can rest assured that for many the true focus will be enjoying the sun, drinking with abandon and generally enjoying a great weekend a couple of hours outside of the city.

Jazz Al Parque

Jazz Al Parque is another free festival in Bogotá that, as the name suggests, is dedicated to jazz. This year’s festival will take place from the 9th to 11th of September in Parque El Country (near Unicentro on Calle 127).

Contemporary jazz legend Jhon Scofield Cuarteto will be performing with his band, alongside some local jazz heroes such as the Meridian Brothers. Fancy some finger clicking in the outdoors? Jazz Al Parque might just be for you.

Gilberto Gil

Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil is one of the most recognized musicians in the world. He will be performing in Bogotá on the 12th of September at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Gil is unquestionably one of Brazil’s most important musicians, having been a crucial part of the popularization of samba and bossa-nova styles.

Unmissable for anyone interested in Latin American or ‘World Music’.

Chemical Brothers

Yup, Chemical Brothers will be performing here in Bogotá. The event will take place on the 15th of September in the Centro de Eventos y Espectaculos. The performance is being billed as a DJ Set, which means you won’t just be hearing Chemical Brothers classics, but a whole range of electronica sure to get Bogotanos rocking. Plus, they’ll no doubt play some classics to, so expect ‘Hey Girls, Hey Boys’ to absolutely rock the crowd.
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