Loma de la Cruz Park Cali

Parque Artesanal Loma de la Cruz

Parque Artesanal Loma de la Cruz is a park located between Barrio San Antonio and Barrio San Francisco.

It's a quiet park offering nice views of the city and decent craft shops (about 60 of them).

Entrance of Loma de la Cruz Park

A good idea for a walk is to start in Loma de la Cruz, go to the back of the park and then walk uphilll to a nice little church. You can then go to Barrio San Antonio through Calle 3 or Calle 2.

The park is in front of Calle 5 between carreras 14 and 16.

The Cross and the Black Hand!=> There's a nice bit of mythology about the park and the hill. Back in the days, Crescencio y Juana, 2 slaves secretly in love, got married and escaped their master with the help of the master's wife. Unfortunately they got caught and Cresciendo got his penis and hand cut before dying while poor pregnant Juana was left alone on the hill and ultimately devoured by local animals. As a symbol, a wooden cross was installed on the hill. In 1909, the Franciscans replaced it by an altar and a cross made of bricks. Another version claims that a black slave was wrongfully hanged for allegedly murdering his mother or his wife. Both versions led to refer to the park as Parque de "La Mano del Negro" because of the tale of a black hand running freely at night in search for justice. A black hand was therefore added next to the cross done by the Franciscans. Fascinatng isn't it?


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