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Diving near San Andres, Colombia For some, submerging yourself underwater for inhuman lengths of time is something of a nightmare. For others, it's a journey into a whole new world; one of brilliant colours, powerful predators and natural wonder. If you fall into the second category of people (or if you're just intruiged by the idea of diving), then travelling to Colombia will offer a world of opportunity that, best of all, has barely been discovered by the underwater roaming clan. There...
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5 Great Colombian Films to see before travelling to Colombia Colombian cinema isn't exactly steeped in history like Brazilian, nor famous for its quality like Argentinian, nor popular with hipsters like Mexican. This undoubtedly is due to financing as well as the fact that when people go to watch a film about Colombia, they expect guns, violence, gangsters and drugs. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't some great films that have come out of the country, even if they're not always easy to find in your local cinema in Bogotá. Sure,...
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  • Mat says #
    As mentioned by Natalia: Los Viajes del Viento (the journey of the wind) would be THE film to watch if you were considering a trip
  • Colin says #
    One great one which is missing, which was critically the most successful of all Colombian film, was LA VENDEDORA DE ROSAS. The who
  • Natalia says #
    Definitely "LA" estrategia del Caracol and Los colores de la montaña are good movies, that's for sure, the first one is specially
Running San Andres Island - Vuelta de la Isla This is a post from Dave, an avid runner and a good friend of Off2 Colombia. He is working on a new project called Paradise Trotters, an adventure company organizing running tours in Colombia.  Holidayers to San Andrés tend to spend their time bathing in crystalline waters, whizzing around in golf carts and drinking duty-free alcohol, though the island is also known for its spectacular diving. Although the island’s year-round warm temperatures and relatively humid climate doesn’t immediately make one think of running, a...
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Colombia Portraits #5: Luke Tierney, Colombia Immersion Medellin Introduce yourself... What's your name, where are you from and what do you do here in Colombia? I'm Luke Tierney, from West Virginia in the USA. I'm one of the founders of Colombia Immersion, a language school in Medellín.  Why Colombia, and why, specifically, Medellin?And how long have you been here? I originally came to Colombia because of it's clear, international accent - I wanted to perfect my own - and to explore. More and more travelers and entrepreneurs were talking...
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Delicious 'gallina' - photo courtesy of Bogotá Eats and Drinks
Bogotá is something of a cultural melting pot - a place where all the corners of Colombia mingle with people from all over the world, visiting the city on business, for pleasure or because they've come to call it home. This, fortunately for us who live here, means there is an abundance of variety here in the city when it comes to food. This, of course, means great international cuisine, but also means you can taste all the distinct, typical cuisine...
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