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Butterfly, Lost City Trek
[caption id="attachment_639" align="aligncenter" width="300"] There are more than 3,000 Species of Butterfly in Colombia Think you've got Colombia figured out? Well think again. We've been doing our research about the country and have uncovered various Colombian statistics that surprised even us. There are about 50million Colombians in the world. Colombia is 440,831 square miles. But let's break the population and country down further... There are 102 indigenous groups in Colombia 908,734 Colombians live in the US (609,196 in Venezuela, 289,296 in Spain) Roughly 90% of...
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  • admin says #
    There are also 1,800 species of birds, Colombia is by far the best country in the world for bird watching
  • Ron Robertson says #
    Also, Colombia has more species of orchids than any country in the world. I think it's first or second in palms, too.
  • Todd says #
    I think you mean 90% of colombians have european ancestors not descendents. Also the word "sussed" is not used correctly. Maybe
Paila! Image courtesy of
Normally, to really get into a culture it's essential to speak the language. In Colombia, however, your Spanish skills don't exactly need to be up to scratch in order for people to want to talk to you. Is this because they speak great English? Well, sometimes. But it's also because Colombians can say a lot without saying anything at all. Today we're taking a look at being understood in Colombia. With these helpful gestures and expressions, you should have no trouble...
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  • Sonia Molina says #
    How can you forget "listo el pollo". The first time I heard this I was confused and looking everywhere for a chicken!I It's an ela
  • Jack D. Ripper says #
    You left out, "no das papaya."
Villa de Leyva
“It’s like it has been plucked from time/It’s like wandering back in time/It’s almost like stepping into a time machine.” I just wanted to get those stock phrases out the way since otherwise I’d be reaching for them consistently throughout this article, since I’m writing not only about the wealth of beautiful, colonial villages that can be found in Colombia, but of my 5 favourites. When images of Colombia spring to mind, it’s rarely these colonial treats that form the predominant...
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  • Clarena GÓMEZ says #
    Right: Villa de Leyva, Santafé de Antioquia, Mompox, Barichara... but even though I live five minutes from Girón I would change t

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