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10 Reasons to Come to Colombia

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Colombia, home of everything.
San Andres

Lists are handy, there's no question about it. Putting things in a nice order helps our confused little minds to process information that bit quicker, and it makes stuff stand out too. So that's why we're listing our top ten reasons to come to Colombia, but keep in mind there's so many more I'd get blisters on my fingers before I finished typing them all. Narrowing it down to just ten wasn't easy, but we did the best we could. So here it is, our top 10 reasons to come to Colombia:

1. Security has improved dramatically: It is now safer to travel in Colombia than many other countries in the world.

2. The diversity of landscapes is mind blowing: Paradisical beaches with 1600 kms of Caribbean coast; 3 ranges of mountains including the Andes; 3 deserts; the Amazon... The list could go on (and on).

3. People in Colombia are amongst the most beautiful and nicest in the world: There aren't many places where this kind of hospitality and warmth is so ingrained in the culture. Don't be surprised to find yourself dining with a family of Colombians after meeting someone just twice.

4. The biodiversity is the richest in the world: Colombia boasts the most bird species in the world, with 10% of the world's endemic species. There are also 130,000 of the world's 300,000 varieties of plants in Colombia.

5. There is a strong culture and captivating history: Visits to the charming urban areas of Cartagena and Popayan are just the beginning. You can see the Coffee Region, full of historical landscapes and world heritage sites; The Lost City's pinnacle, the ancient city of the Tayronas; San Augustin's pre-Columbian ruins and much, much more.

6. This is cheap: Taxis cost roughly $3US, you can eat lunch for $2.50 and buy a pack of cigarettes for just $2. Bargains galore.

7. Bogota and Medellin are world class modern cities: Full of amazing museums, hotels, restaurants, and currently experiencing a massive economical development so things can only get better.

8. Colombians surely know how to party: Get spellbound by the inimitable music and shake your body to the ubiquitous rhythm of Salsa.

9. There are more events, festivals and parties than anywhere else in the world: Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Barranquilla Carnival (the second biggest in the world), the Feria de Cali (the biggest Salsa festival in the world), Bogotá Theatre festival (the biggest open theatre festival in the world), and so much more.

10. You can find some of the world best spots for extreme sports: Enjoy rafting, climbing, diving, paragliding, hiking, abseiling, rapelling... The list is almost endless.

Come to Colombia, you won't regret it.

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