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Sports you wouldn’t think of practising when you come to Colombia

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When thinking of Colombia you wouldn’t initially think of swinging a golf club in the picturesque valleys of Bogota, but that’s exactly why Bill Clinton came. In fact, Colombia is great for a number of sports that you wouldn’t picture doing when you planned to travel to Colombia. Here I’ve collected a few of the best ones, so be sure to check out these activities when you get here.

1. Horse riding

Horse riding in Colombia isn’t the first thing you’d think of when you think of the country, but it’s one of the best countries in South America for cowboy-ing around in the flatlands. With their stunning scenery and good horse riding infrastructure, Los Llanos and the Coffee Region are the best places to explore

2. Golf

While not immediately accessible to travellers, more and more people are finding that golf in Colombia is one of the best places they’ve played. Couple stunning scenery with first-class ranges and you’ve got yourself a golfing experience you’ll never forget. Best to try Bogota and surrounding areas for the pick of Colombia’s golfing options.

3. Surfing

Surfing at Tayrona Beach
Surfing at Tayrona Beach

Riding the bodacious waves of the Pacific is an experience like no other - especially since you’ll be one of the first riders to do it. Not many people come to Colombia for the surf but I expect that’ll change pretty soon, since word is already spreading. Be sure to come to Colombia and check out the boarding scene. It’s calm on the Caribbean, so perfect for beginners, but the real pull is the Pacific.

4. Diving

Sharks in Malpelo, Colombia
Sharks in Malpelo, Colombia

If the first thing that comes to you mind when you think of diving in Colombia is the acrobatics of Higuita, you’re in for a surprise. Areas such as Taganga and San Andres boast some of the best places to dive in South America. For the most part things are pretty easy and it shouldn’t be anything a beginner can’t handle, but more challenging dives are available. Diving in Colombia, as an added bonus, is pretty cheap, so be sure to check it out.

5. Rafting

Rafting in San Gil
Rafting in San Gil

Rafting in Colombia is mainly popular in the San Gil region, where you’ll find numerous ways to hurl yourself down a river with nothing more than an inflatable boat between you and certain doom. If that sounds like fun, and it does to me, then get yourself to San Gil as it’s one of the fastest-growing tourist spots in Colombia, and a place that should be on any itinerary.

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