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Forest Coffee - Think Outside the Triangle I know people that cannot function without their morning black brew of coffee. Alas, I am one of those early morning foggy headed souls that bump into furniture on my way to the kitchen to grind my beans and heat up my little Italian coffee pot. I spend a small fortune on organic beans from foreign lands that I cannot spell and sometimes not sure which continent they dwell. For some of us, buying, preparing and drinking coffee is a religious...
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The green lagoon of the Azufral Volcano
This blog post is from our collaborator Gaëlle Tavernier, she lives in Medellín and is working on a document about responsible mining in Colombia, a great project that gives her the ability to travel off the beaten tracks and share some amazing stories with us.  The green lagoon of the Azufral Volcano I am determined to climb to the summit of Colombia 17 volcanoes (I have done 3 so far…). My plan is to start south at the Ecuadorian border and make my way...
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Cano Cristales : the World's Most Beautiful River
¡Aye, Macarena! There aren’t many places that offer a jaw-dropping succession of waterfalls as well as a sense that a nation’s history is being played out around you. Welcome to Caño Cristales! Cano Cristales : the World's Most Beautiful River When I arrived in Colombia, La Macarena meant an annoyingly catchy Euro-pop song. Tonight, it is the small town where I am staying in the Serrania de la Macarena: a mountainous finger rising 2,500m out of the plains east of the Andean...
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