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5 Great Colombian Films to see before travelling to Colombia Colombian cinema isn't exactly steeped in history like Brazilian, nor famous for its quality like Argentinian, nor popular with hipsters like Mexican. This undoubtedly is due to financing as well as the fact that when people go to watch a film about Colombia, they expect guns, violence, gangsters and drugs. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't some great films that have come out of the country, even if they're not always easy to find in your local cinema in Bogotá. Sure,...
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  • Mat says #
    As mentioned by Natalia: Los Viajes del Viento (the journey of the wind) would be THE film to watch if you were considering a trip
  • Colin says #
    One great one which is missing, which was critically the most successful of all Colombian film, was LA VENDEDORA DE ROSAS. The who
  • Natalia says #
    Definitely "LA" estrategia del Caracol and Los colores de la montaña are good movies, that's for sure, the first one is specially
Banana Skin Flip Flops Website
This is portrait number 4 in our series of Colombia Portraits and finally we managed to have a feminine point of view. Welcome to Vicki Kellaway, the bubbly author of Bananaskinflipflops. Get her thoughts on why she moved to Colombia and her love for the country she now calls home. Banana Skin Flip Flops Blog Introduce yourself... What's your name, where are you from and what do you do here in Colombia? My name is Vicki, I'm British and I'm a...
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Costeño, loving life, and Vallenato!
Our third and final part of the "How to Live Like a..." (check out our previous guides on Bogotanos and Paisas) takes a look at the life of Costeños (that is the people living near the 1,700kms of the Colombian Atlantic Coast); those loveable rogues that have the pleasure of beaches and sun being part of their daily lives. Now of all the lifestyles we've described, no doubt you'll be thinking that Costeño living must be the easiest. After all, this...
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Paila! Image courtesy of
Normally, to really get into a culture it's essential to speak the language. In Colombia, however, your Spanish skills don't exactly need to be up to scratch in order for people to want to talk to you. Is this because they speak great English? Well, sometimes. But it's also because Colombians can say a lot without saying anything at all. Today we're taking a look at being understood in Colombia. With these helpful gestures and expressions, you should have no trouble...
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  • Sonia Molina says #
    How can you forget "listo el pollo". The first time I heard this I was confused and looking everywhere for a chicken!I It's an ela
  • Jack D. Ripper says #
    You left out, "no das papaya."
Surfing at Tayrona Beach
When thinking of Colombia you wouldn’t initially think of swinging a golf club in the picturesque valleys of Bogota, but that’s exactly why Bill Clinton came. In fact, Colombia is great for a number of sports that you wouldn’t picture doing when you planned to travel to Colombia. Here I’ve collected a few of the best ones, so be sure to check out these activities when you get here. 1. Horse riding Horse riding in Colombia isn’t the first thing...
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  • Duncan says #
    Great information, Paul. Road cycling is Colombia's second biggest sport, after soccer. Colombia's Andes has the best cycling in t

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