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Rooftops of Manizales
Having brought you the definitive guide to living like a Rolo, we proud to present to you some top tips on bringing our your most Paisa self. Before you follow, educate yourself and check what is actually a Paisa. You might think to yourself that living like a Paisa is easy. The weather, the women, the general friendliness of the people... It all sounds like a breeze to those of us used to inhumane amounts of rain, women in Ugg boots...
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Eric Tabone, Bogotá Business English
Welcome to the first in our series of Colombia Portraits. These are a series of interviews we have conducted with expat professionals here in Colombia. Why Colombia? What investment opportunities are there? Should you, dear reader, consider the move? [caption id="attachment_584" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Eric Tabone, Bogotá Business English Our first interview is with founder and manager of Bogotá Business English, one of the best English schools in Colombia's capital city. Introduce yourself... What's your name, where are you from and what do you...
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  • Fernando Parrado says #
    Erik I love Bogotá and People like you make the difference. Bogota as you said had many beautifull things. Parks as the Simon Bol
  • Cesar says #
    I visited Bogotá one night and took a taxi to go around the city. I noticed the great transformation. I used to live there many ye
  • Rick Tabone says #
    Thanks for publishing this article about Eric. Eric has worked from ground zero to go after his dreams in Colombia. I am very impr
Traffic in Bogota
This is a guest post from our friend Aaron Richards, who is an English teacher in Bogotá. The opinions shared are not our own, but shared in order to spark open debate. I love Colombia. I love the culture, I love the music, I love the people and I love to travel Colombia. [caption id="attachment_577" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Traffic in Bogota Doesn't mean things are perfect, though. There are grievances wherever you go, especially if you're a moany Brit. What are the...
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  • says #
    “You Know What Really Grinds My Gears? A Few Annoyances About Living in Colombia” was indeed a marvelous article, cannot help bu
  • Viv says #
    I am Colombian and I agree with everything you said. We hate those things too, believe me. There is nothing that makes me have mor
  • Matt says #
    I would lump it all together and just call it a general lack of conscientiousness.
Sunset Bogota Chapinero Alto
[caption id="attachment_563" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Sunset Bogota Chapinero Alto I've been in Colombia a while now and I've begun to feel like one of Bogota´s citizens. I 'uuush', 'hijuepucha' and 'paila' with the best of them. When I'm late, I blame it on traffic traffic that is pretty much ever-present. I drink too much coffee, and I drink way too much Aguardiente. One of the most curious things about my 'going native', however, has been my increased fear of Bogotá. My safety...
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  • Vale says #
    As a blog writer and someone who has for lived in Bogotá for a few months, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I have trav
  • paul says #
    You seem to have agreed with much of what I've said, only phrased it in different ways. I'm advocating exercising caution, and usi
  • Carlos says #
    This is true, the bogotanos had become so paranoic and we think that the foreigners are a easy target of the criminals, but with s
The sprawling Bogotá
There are many ways to make money in Colombia. Investment in the country is booming and opportunities for business-savvy individuals are numerous and come with a great deal of potential. You can read about investment in Colombia here. A great deal of expats, however, come to Colombia to teach. Teaching in Bogotá and teaching in Medellín are the two preferred means of earning a living, since in both cities there's great opportunities and for many private classes you only need English...
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