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Normally, to really get into a culture it's essential to speak the language. In Colombia, however, your Spanish skills don't exactly need to be up to scratch in order for people to want to talk to you. Is this because they speak great English? Well, sometimes. But it's also because Colombians can say a lot without saying anything at all. Today we're taking a look at being understood in Colombia. With these helpful gestures and expressions, you should have no trouble...
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  • Sonia Molina says #
    How can you forget "listo el pollo". The first time I heard this I was confused and looking everywhere for a chicken!I It's an ela
  • Jack D. Ripper says #
    You left out, "no das papaya."
Musicians in Periera
Every culture has its ticks. Being English I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in a pub drinking beer and an even greater amount of time avoiding social awkwardness. I can't hug well and it takes me over two sentences to ask someone to move ('excuse me, terribly sorry to interupt. Would it be at all possible for you to just move ever so slightly to the left so that I can pass? Thank you kindly'). Even so, the things...
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  • paula says #
    Que ignorancia! si no saben mejor no hablen nada que ver lo que dicen con las costumbres colombianas por favor!
  • Goes says #
    Hello Janet,You may be in luck! It would be great to chat to you face to face in regards to your level and any Spanish calsses you

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