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Colombians go out, drink and love to dance, and that can happen a few times a week especially during festive periods. Check our Bogotá events page to synchronise your venue to the city. Friday and Saturday are the best days to go there as otherwise it could be quiet. Unless you follow our weekly recommendation below.

Bogotá is no exception to the country and offers a wide variety of styles after dark. If you're after a quiet beer, check our Bogotá Pubs page. For a nice coktail, try the reggae bar Jhonny Cay in Zona T.

You can also head for La Candelaria to mingle with the local students, bohemians and artists but be careful there at night. Once in the area, head to Quiebra Canto for a bit of salsa or a proper party on Wednesdays.

For live music, 6L6 offers a good mix of rock, jazz and groove from Thursday to Saturday.

For something more sophisticated, head to Parque 93 to El Sitio or the San Sebastián Bar which includes some good live acts. Near there also includes the biggest salsa place in Bogotá Galeria Cafe Libro.

For clubbers, the Zona Rosa also called Zona T offers lots of options. La Villa (with the famous Gringo Tuesdays parties or the Exchange Salsa Thursdays for salsa beginners), Armando Records and Maroma mix western and Colombian music and are some of the best clubs in the area. Another trendy option (and one of our favourite) is Le Coq, an open air club with music mixing indie and electro. Also enjoy live music (son cubano, jazz and bossa nights) in the modern Hotel V Bogotá.

If you want it large, head to Theatron in Chapinero, the biggest electronic club in the country or go to the after party in Radio Berlin.

Last but not least, we believe you should not leave Bogotá without checking the amazing Andres Carne de Res in Chia.

Here is a weekly recommendation:

> Monday: Have a quiet beer in one of the Bogota Pubs
> Tuesday
: Gringo Tuesdays in La Villa, meet new people, speak other languages
> Wedneday
: Quiebra Canto in La Candelaria, a mix of western music and Colombian hits
> Thursday
: Le Coq in Zona T, great electronic and indie music. Or to learn Salsa, free classes and lots of people to meet at 
Exchange Salsa
> Friday
: Go to Parque 93, practice Salsa in the Galeria Cafe Libro or listen to live music at San Sebastián Bar
> Saturday
: Make it a night to remember, go to Chia at Andres Carnes de Res, try the posh Gaira Cafe owned by famous Vallenato singer Carlos Vives. For electronic music, visit the largest club in Colombia Theatron and finish the night in Radio Berlin
> Sunday: Go to la Calera at La Paloma Mirador to grab dinner and watch a great band with stunning views over the city.

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