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Diving near San Andres, Colombia For some, submerging yourself underwater for inhuman lengths of time is something of a nightmare. For others, it's a journey into a whole new world; one of brilliant colours, powerful predators and natural wonder. If you fall into the second category of people (or if you're just intruiged by the idea of diving), then travelling to Colombia will offer a world of opportunity that, best of all, has barely been discovered by the underwater roaming clan. There...
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Bird Watching in the Anchicaya Valley One of my favorite birding spots in Colombia is following the old Cali - Buenaventura Road in Western Colombia.  Just twenty minutes from Cali, the road is only paved for about 30 kilometers, so take a 4WD vehicle.   Following the Anchicaya River, the road takes me past streams and waterfalls flowing down crevices created millions of years ago by constant rushing water. Clouds full of rain created by winds blowing past the ocean carry water up over the mountains and drop their...
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5 Great Colombian Films to see before travelling to Colombia Colombian cinema isn't exactly steeped in history like Brazilian, nor famous for its quality like Argentinian, nor popular with hipsters like Mexican. This undoubtedly is due to financing as well as the fact that when people go to watch a film about Colombia, they expect guns, violence, gangsters and drugs. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't some great films that have come out of the country, even if they're not always easy to find in your local cinema in Bogotá. Sure,...
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Forest Coffee - Think Outside the Triangle I know people that cannot function without their morning black brew of coffee. Alas, I am one of those early morning foggy headed souls that bump into furniture on my way to the kitchen to grind my beans and heat up my little Italian coffee pot. I spend a small fortune on organic beans from foreign lands that I cannot spell and sometimes not sure which continent they dwell. For some of us, buying, preparing and drinking coffee is a religious...
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Running San Andres Island - Vuelta de la Isla This is a post from Dave, an avid runner and a good friend of Off2 Colombia. He is working on a new project called Paradise Trotters, an adventure company organizing running tours in Colombia.  Holidayers to San Andrés tend to spend their time bathing in crystalline waters, whizzing around in golf carts and drinking duty-free alcohol, though the island is also known for its spectacular diving. Although the island’s year-round warm temperatures and relatively humid climate doesn’t immediately make one think of running, a...
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