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My Day in Santa Fe de Antioquia

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Houses in Santa Fe
Houses in Santa Fe

When you visit Medellin, you might be tempted to think to yourself 'why would I leave this place, even for one day?'. I can understand that sentiment, but equally if city life is getting a bit too hectic for you or you just fancy a change of scenery, nearby to 'The City of Etenernal Spring' are some great places for day trips. The two highlights are undoubtely Guatape and Santa Fe de Antioquia.

I visited Santa Fe for a day a couple of months ago. It's a picturesque little town; the kind you conjure up when someone says 'colonial architecture'. Cobblestone streets and white-wash walls abound, while all around are the rolling hills of Antioquia. Lovely.

After the hectic hedonism you may or may not have indulged in when you were in Medellin, Santa Fe is a welcome respite. A tranquil day for some serious unwinding. The town is a place to relax, unwind and catch some sun. When I went there was a model in a bikini roaming the streets being photographed - I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is a permanent fixture in the town but I like to think she'll be there all days, just chilling out and allowing men to ogle at her.

Colonial architecture on the main square
Colonial architecture on the main square

For many Medellin residents, Santa Fe is an opportunity to visit a second home, a big colonial house with a pool. So warm up to some Paisas and you might get lucky... If not, there's always Hotel Mariscal, which I visited (although didn't stay at). The hotel is one of the finest in Colombia, with a huge swimming pools and spectacular views. Well worth a stay if you're looking to splash out.

Santa Fe de Antioquia is one of the 10 colonial towns in Colombia's 'Red de Pueblos de Patrimonio', and if you visit it's not hard to see why. It's a cliche to say it's trapped in time, so let's just say the town isn't exactly futuristic. And that rustic charm is something very, very refreshing.

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