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Two Days in Bogotá

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Joe’s got a week off of work during autumn and he’s decided to spend it in Colombia, so Joe brings himself, his suits and a nice amount of money (although he’s not exactly rich) to Colombia for a couple of weeks. He has 2 days allocated to Colombia, and that’s where I come in. Joe’s asked me to help him organize 2 days for him in Bogotá. Joe knows I live here, so Joe trusts my opinion. I don’t want to let him down, so what do I suggest to Joe? Here’s what I suggest to him for two days in Bogotá:

Bogotá, Colombia

Joe’s First Day:

I mentioned Joe has a little bit of money to spend, so Joe’s opted for a hotel near Zona Rosa since he heard through Trip Advisor that this was a safe area. Joe’s staying in the BH Retiro on Calle 80 with Carrera 10. Good choice, Joe.

In the morning we go for a cheap, typical breakfast of tamal and tinto. Following this we go for a morning stroll up to Parque El Chico on Kr 7 with Cll 93 and visit the museum there. Joe suggests we go to the restaurant at Parque El Chico. No, Joe, I tell him. We’re going to Nick’s (Kra 9 # 79A – 28).

Nick’s is a sandwich joint around the corner from BH Retiro and serves one of the best sandwiches you’ll try in South America. Well worth checking out and, if you cycle, you’ll get yourself a nice little discount.

After lunch we take a taxi to La Candelaria where I’ve arranged a tour with my friend Mike and his company Bogotá Bike Tours. With this tour Joe gets to see all the important historical points of La Candelaria, including Plaza Bolivar, as well as some hidden extras such as Bogotá’s biggest fruit market and one of its best coffee factories. The tour finishes up where it started, in La Candelaria, and so we take a stroll around the Botero Museum nearby. After an exhausting but essential 5 hours cycling and perusing we’re ready to relax. To La Macarena it is.

In nearby La Macarena we head to one of the many cafes dotted along the streets. It’s just starting to get dark and Joe and I feel like we’re on the streets of Paris, sipping a coffee and watching the crowds rambling by. Our hunger and our thirst for a beer are both building, so we decide to head the local Bogotá Beer Company for a couple of pints before going to La Hamburgueseria for dinner.

Following dinner Joe announces he’s in the mood to go out. Only one thing for it: Zona Rosa. We head to The Pub in Zona Rosa for a couple of pints before finding a cheaper tienda to drink a few shots of Aguardiente. Following this, to end the night, we head to El Coq for some European dance music.

Joe’s Second Day:

Despite feeling slightly ropey, we wake up early and head to Colombia’s National Museum in Bogotá (Kr 7 Cll 28). We take in some culture, learn the history of the country, and sit down in the on-site Juan Valdez Café to discuss what we’ve learnt.

Lunch time. We take a bus all the way up to Usaquen (Kr 7 Cll 116) where we head to Abasto for some of the best lunches available in Bogotá. After lunch we take a stroll around the charming village-within-a-city which is pretty relaxing after our hectic day so far. But sorry, Joe, things are about to get hectic again.

It’s about 3pm and Joe needs to see some authentic Colombian culture, so I ring a few friends and organize a game of Tejo. Tejo basically involves gunpowder, throwing and beer so I know we’re onto a winner. After 2 hours of playing we’re a little tipsy and need some food to settle us down before the night out, so we hop on a bus back to Zona Rosa where we enjoy a buffet-style meal at Bogota’s version of Andres Carne de Res. Stuffed, we head back to his hotel to get ready for our night out.

Bogotá main cathedral

Having done a pretty European-style night previously, Joe and I decide to delve more into the local culture and, after having a couple of drinks in trendy Chapinero, head to Quiebra Canto (Kra 5 # 17 - 76_ for some salsa dancing, aguardiente and Spanglish conversation.

Joe swears he’ll be back soon.
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